How to take the complexity out of B2B payments?

While the entire world is still trying to adapt itself to “the new normal”, at the same time a lot of businesses are very busy trying to re-invent themselves. The pandemic has encouraged many to seize the opportunity and ensure business continuity with as little resources as possible.

The B2B payment sector is definitely one of them. Businesses and even consumers are now, more than ever, looking very differently towards payments in general due to the constantly improving and evolving technologies and market situation. The process of re-inventing, eliminating antiquated processes and taking back control should be “to do’s” at the top of everybody’s list.

Imagine this: What if your marketing team wants to purchase Adobe licenses, get Google Adwords budget, or set up a paid Facebook campaign? Generally not a problem, except that most online providers of software, image material, studies, event tickets and similar products require immediate payment online. These purchases generally cannot be processed through your procurement system.

That is why procurement today is so complex. You have an increasing number of (internal) clients and suppliers to manage. This results in a general need to look for a solution that brings you as a buyer and suppliers of all sizes closer together with improved efficiency.


How to take out the complexity? Ask yourself: What do I need to look for in a procurement payment solution?

We line it out in 6 bullet points - A payment solution that:

  1. enables you to manage payments in a more efficient way using a single platform
  2. allows you to systematically manage how you pay for invoices from different suppliers and reduce the number of suppliers
  3. automates efficiencies in paying suppliers with improved reconciliation to manage and improve cash flow plus captures early payment discounts
  4. eliminates the need for manual and time-consuming back-and-forth emails between you and your suppliers to receive invoices and get them paid
  5. shows data associated with every payment transaction allowing you to reduce the time and labor spent on reconciliation
  6. in the end strengthens the strategic relationship between you and your suppliers

With AirPlus solutions for procurement payments, all your main online business expenses can be managed in a very simple and convenient way, through globally accepted Mastercard virtual credit card numbers. For enhanced security, every card number can be restricted for a specific purpose.

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