China: A particular challenge

No cash, no cards, no briefcase: When it comes to payment, China is truly an unusual market for the business travel industry. Still, we can look back on a success story in the PRC today.

We have maintained a presence in China for more than ten years and were already closely engaged with the country when the market there was still heavily focused on traditional behaviors, when employees booked their travel on an individual basis via the Internet or from local travel agents and payments still had to be handled in cash or through a bank.

That, in turn, gave us the ability to try out certain things back then, when the market was still in its infancy, and find out in the process which product might be a good fit for our customers. In the AirPlus Company Account, we were ultimately able to give the Chinese market what it needed: the first central payment solution for business travel.

Our systems didn’t speak Chinese.

In hindsight, though, we did face some challenges in getting there. For example, the language was a big barrier. After all, the Western World had a hard time dealing with Chinese characters. What that meant for our systems was that we had to identify the characters using a technical value first and then depict them using a translation table from our Chinese partners.

In August 2008, we were finally able to present our first payment solution to the Chinese market, thereby writing a success story that was very special to us. Maybe the fact that we deliberately chose the month of August in 2008 was a part of it, too – the number eight is a lucky number in China.

Today, China is the second largest market for AirPlus. The Company Account is used by more than 1,900 customers, and we execute nine million transactions a year. And the positive trend continues: In 2018, we posed 1.45 billion euros in sales in China, which works out to growth of 27 percent year over year. And luckily for us, interest in our products continues to rise!

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Once upon a time … from grain to credit cards

Money, money, money: AirPlus is just 30 years old, but the idea behind it has been on people’s minds for millennia. A search for clues throughout human history.

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The early years – how it all began

In 1989, a handful of Lufthansa are working on a new business travel payment solution – AirPlus is born.
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30 Reasons for AirPlus – WORK WITH US! 

Our company is no more or less than the collective efforts of its employees. That’s why we support their health and comfort, ensure their security and work-life balance, and set ourselves the constant goal of being a responsible, sustainable company they can be proud of.

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The AirPlus story visualized

In 30 years of company history AirPlus has reached numerous milestones. The video shows them all in less than three minutes.

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