We can revolutionize business travel management again

We will continue to drive change even in the era of digital transformation

AirPlus started out with just 12 people in a single room back in 1989. Today, we look back on an impressive success story: We have gone from a German subsidiary of Lufthansa to a global player in the business travel payment segment. But we also know that a great past is no guarantee of a successful future.

The ongoing expansion and development of the mobile Internet is accelerating communication and transaction streams, the number of cashless payment processes is constantly rising, and contactless payment and virtual cards are all part of this development, while seamless, invisible, and mobile aspects will increasingly come to the fore in travel management. Several years ago, it became clear that our existing IT systems, which had proven their worth until then, would be unable to keep pace with these new, ever-faster developments for long.

The biggest transformation in the company’s history

So, in 2020 we got to work on the huge task of establishing a new, state-of-the-art IT landscape. After all, here at AirPlus, we want to continue to set trends, play a role in deciding the direction that things take, generate ideas, and drive change. Our completely new digital infrastructure will serve and connect the latest programs, applications, and interfaces on the market. State-of-the-art processes and the digitization of our products are the cornerstone for seamless end-to-end processes, all with a single goal: to be able to continue to offer our customers intelligent, market-leading products and services to meet the demands of everyday life at all times – and much faster than before. A smart combination of invisible payment, big data, and artificial intelligence will have a tangible impact, increasing comfort and convenience for travelers and companies alike.

Helping companies and travelers get their time back

In the future, plans call for an even sharper focus on individual business travelers as well. AirPlus will consider its job to be done once the traveler no longer perceives the payment process because it takes place invisibly in the background.

AirPlus aims to free up a noticeable amount of time for travelers and companies, time that they can then use for other things. And when that happens, unpleasant and time-consuming tasks like collecting receipts for travel expense statements will finally be a thing of the past.

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Once upon a time … from grain to credit cards

Money, money, money: AirPlus is just 30 years old, but the idea behind it has been on people’s minds for millennia. A search for clues throughout human history.

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The early years – how it all began

In 1989, a handful of Lufthansa are working on a new business travel payment solution – AirPlus is born.

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AirPlus goes global – the journey begins

Our company becomes number one in Germany. In 1996 we take the plunge and become international – with success.

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A Legacy of Innovation

30 years of bright ideas have set AirPlus on the path to success.

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The biggest transformation in our history

Even in times of digital change, we will remain a driving force.

The future begins today
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Come along on the business trip of the future

Incredibly different: The travel of the future will be more interconnected, simpler, and more of a matter of course. The already rapid development seen in recent years was just the beginning.

Here's to the world of tomorrow
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30 Reasons for AirPlus – WORK WITH US! 

Our company is no more or less than the collective efforts of its employees. That’s why we support their health and comfort, ensure their security and work-life balance, and set ourselves the constant goal of being a responsible, sustainable company they can be proud of.

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The AirPlus story visualized

In 30 years of company history AirPlus has reached numerous milestones. The video shows them all in less than three minutes.

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