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Business travel has been through the mill, wouldn’t you agree? 

First it ground to a halt. Now, head-spinning changes to traveling rules, restrictions, and regulations have resulted in widespread confusion. 

And when you add purposeful travel goals, anxiety, and budgets into the mix, it’s no wonder the comeback has been on the slow side. 

But the Global Business Travel Association expects to make a full recovery by 2025. 

Many agree with this prediction…but many don’t. 

In fact, there’s a lot of talk flying around that business travel is dead, and will never return to its former glory. 

We have set an expert debate in motion to discuss this in depth and glean some valuable insights. 

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Our moderator, Meghan Smith: Strategic Partnership Manager at AirPlus is joined by industry experts: 

  • Judith Huisman: Co-Founder, Meetingselect
  • Jochem Hemink: Head of Sales, ATPI
  • Jorien Dielwart: Travel Manager, TomTom 
  • Stefan van Sliedregt: Global Travel & Expense Program Leader, Jacobs Douwe Egberts 

Together, they are discussing topics such as: 

  • Will people ever go back to the office full time?
  • Is travel a strong incentive for recruiting new talent?
  • Does remote work impact collaboration?
  • Is the ROI of business travel difficult to demonstrate?
  • What role will purposeful travel play in the return of business travel?

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