Centralize your indirect payments for better spend management with AirPlus and Coupa

Enhance your procure-to-pay process by integrating AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement with Coupa Pay.

With this integration, you can generate and make payments using AirPlus Virtual Cards directly in the Coupa Business Spend Management platform , providing a truly end-to-end procurement solution for your business. Coupa Pay offers a single platform for managing payments to suppliers, employees, subsidiaries and other beneficiaries across different countries and currencies. Coupa streamlines the payment process and enables organizations to use virtual cards

Here's how it works

Step 1

Log into the Coupa BSM platform, head to the Coupa Pay module and proceed through the order process

Step 2

Choose a payment option: pay on order, pay on invoice or request a virtual card. Once approved, an AirPlus Virtual Card will be generated automatically


Step 3

The card number of your newly generated AirPlus Virtual Card can then be forwarded to the supplier to proceed with the payment

Step 4

All done! Reconciliation is done automatically on the Coupa platform after your purchase using the relevant billing information provided by AirPlus

Your advantages at a glance


Start easy: AirPlus Virtual Cards can be used with your existing AirPlus agreement – there's no need to open an additional bank account to enjoy the joint solution of AirPlus and Coupa.


Centralize payments: Coupa provides an all-in-one Business Spend Management platform, meaning all your payments can be managed in one place and have real-time accurate information about payments – including your AirPlus Virtual Cards.


Gain control: Experience better visibility, transparency and management of all payments, including long tail spending, giving you back control of your expenses.


Spend globally: AirPlus Virtual Cards are powered by Mastercard®, meaning they're accepted by millions of merchants worldwide with no FX fees for foreign currency payments.


Simplify processes: Save on the time and costs associated with long tail spending by eliminating the need for one-time supplier onboarding and breaking down silos across departments and teams.

Increase compliancy

Increase compliancy: Paying with AirPlus Virtual Cards through Coupa helps to ensure compliancy as the cards are automatically generated with the exact parameters needed for the payment being made.


Automate reconciliation: Cut down on manual processing thanks to cash management and settlement automation. All transactions are reconciled automatically to your desired ERP system.

Enjoy savings: Benefit from an improved cash flow and manual cost reductions that, alongside the ability to improve your relationship with suppliers through faster payments, will save you both time and money.

Get the details in our fact sheet

Check out our fact sheet now for a more in-depth look into our new joint solution with Coupa and discover how all stakeholders, including you and your suppliers, can benefit from the improved procure-to-pay process.

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