Virtual Card: your ticket to overcoming the hurdles of the modern procurement landscape

In the realm of modern procurement, efficiency and security are paramount. As businesses continually seek ways to streamline their financial processes, payment expert Tom Meyer delves into the AirPlus Virtual Card Procurement, an innovative solution that has been making waves. In the recent issue of MICE by TravMedia, we explored how the AirPlus Virtual Card Procurement serves the MICE market and can act as digital driver, designed to optimize procurement payments.


Meeting the Needs of the MICE Market

What services do you offer the MICE market?

For the dynamic MICE market, AirPlus offers a best-in-class credit card solution including a comprehensive suite of services designed to simplify payment processes. AirPlus’ streamlined payment solutions for corporate expenses that seamlessly integrate with event management software, ensuring that financial planning and reporting are a breeze, catering to the unique requirements of the MICE industry.


Unveiling the AirPlus Virtual Card Procurement Tom_3

You have the so-called Virtual Card. What exactly does this mean?

AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement is the optimal payment solution for B2B purchases that cannot be processed through typical procurement systems. These virtual cards are incredibly versatile, facilitating secure payments for various procurement needs, including ad hoc purchases, event tickets, and office supplies or recurring online purchases like software subscriptions, phone bills, and digital advertising.


Customer Feedback: A Testament to Success

What is the customer feedback on the Virtual Card?

Businesses across various industries are overwhelmingly positive about the AirPlus Virtual Card, lauding its convenience and the level of control it offers. The ability to create temporary virtual cards for specific transactions or periods significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized expenses. This flexibility and security have made the Virtual Card Procurement a top choice also for MICE organizations, attesting to its success in modern procurement.


Streamlined Ease of Use and Benefits

What is the ease of use of the Virtual Card? What benefits does it offer?

The AirPlus Virtual Card Procurement is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Employees can easily generate virtual cards through the AirPlus online portal or mobile app, making it user-friendly and accessible. The benefits are multifaceted: enhanced financial visibility, reduced administrative work, robust fraud prevention, and real-time transaction tracking. It's a tool that empowers organizations to streamline their procurement processes, leading to greater efficiency and cost savings.


Fortifying Online Security

What about the online security of the Virtual Card?

AirPlus prioritizes the security of transactions made using the Virtual Card. It employs industry-standard encryption protocols to safeguard sensitive data during all payment processes. Furthermore, businesses can establish spending limits and expiration dates for virtual cards, allowing them to maintain a strong grip on their financial security. The robust security measures in place make the Virtual Card a trusted choice for organizations concerned about online safety.


A Global Reach

Is the card accepted worldwide?

As the AirPlus Virtual Card is based on the Mastercard platform, its global acceptance is guaranteed. It can be used for payments worldwide, making it a versatile tool for businesses with international procurement needs. This global reach ensures that businesses can operate efficiently across borders, maintaining a seamless payment experience wherever they go.


A Promising Future

Do you see growth in these types of products?

Actually, AirPlus Virtual Card have been around for a long time, but we still see significant growth potential, not least also in the MICE market. As the landscape of procurement continues to evolve, the demand for secure, flexible, and convenient payment solutions is on the rise. AirPlus is well-positioned to meet this demand and expand its offerings in the years ahead, making us a key player in shaping the future of procurement.


In conclusion, the AirPlus Virtual Card offers a robust and secure platform to streamline payment processes. As the demands of modern businesses continue to evolve, the AirPlus Virtual Card represents a beacon of innovation and efficiency, poised to transform the way organizations manage their finances and conduct procurement operations.


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Original interview: TravMedia 
Journalist: Tijn Kramer 

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