Virtual Cards: The smart payment solution for marketing teams and media agencies

Digital marketing took traditional advertising’s crown a long, long time ago.

Whether you’ve Googled something (case in point: that’s a verb now), networked on LinkedIn or watched a YouTube video, the chances are that you encountered ads at every click.

It’s no wonder then that global digital ad spending topped $626 billion dollars in 2023 alone – and that figure is increasing by over 10 percent year on year.

This isn’t big news, however.

Most of us run our lives through our smartphones and online services, after all. The ways we consume media and find information are entirely on-demand, and marketing teams know they need to reach us wherever we’re browsing.

That’s why search engine marketing accounts for almost 50% of digital marketing spending, with display and video ads (especially on YouTube) rounding off the top 3 most popular forms of online advertising.

And the trend is just as strong across B2B marketing. It was already heading that way before the pandemic accelerated the shift – moving marketing within the business world online with unprecedented speed.

But that created a problem.

New platforms, new ways to pay

For digital agencies, current payment processes are no longer measuring up to scratch.

The nature of online advertising often requires immediate payment – including the likes of giant global players such as Google and Facebook. And this payment is almost always preferred by credit card.

But company cards aren’t always to hand when needed, meaning that employees will often pay on their own personal card, resulting in insufficient funds, long-awaited reimbursement, and a major headache when it comes to reconciliation.

But the future of marketing is digital.      

So, it's high time we get to grips with the new market conditions, understand the digital transformation and forge a new, more efficient way forward.      

In other words: Swap the traditional payment process for a more modern digital solution.   


Virtual Cards: faster payments, improved transparency

Modern procurement requires an efficient digital payment solution that meets the special requirements of modern marketing. With virtual credit cards, you can easily master the challenges of data-based marketing, save time and costs, and make your spending transparent.

Ready to embrace the digital age? Learn more about our Virtual Cards Procurement today.

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