Unlock your payment potential with Virtual Cards

How can companies get their B2B purchases under control?

Companies go to great lengths to make savings. But most don't realize the potential of their online one-off and recurring purchases.

This is where virtual cards enter the picture:

  • Benefit multiple stakeholders within your company from the individual employees to the purchasing, accounting and treasury teams

  • Improve relations with outside parties such as merchants and suppliers thanks to superior working capital management capabilities

  • Integrate virtual cards into your existing sales platform to bring about a seamless and secure payment solution, online or otherwise

Download our e-book now to discover how to get the most from your purchasing with the help of virtual cards and make your life a good deal easier in the process.

About AirPlus

AirPlus provides corporate payment solutions that save time and money for 48,000 customers around the world. The preferred payment partner of countless industry leaders. Our business travel legacy informs a diversified portfolio that has evolved to include central accounts, corporate and virtual cards, and digital procurement tools that simplify and optimize the corporate payment experience.