Subscriptions in banking: The payment preference for payment services?

Payment Solutions Trends Strategy

How often do you pay for payment? You probably had to read that sentence at least twice, right? Don’t worry, it’s because you have just entered another dimension in the world of subscriptions. While i[...]

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4 ChatGPT insights into business travel in 2023

Business travel Innovation

AI is often touted as a gamechanger when it comes to business travel. With the release of ChatGPT, this reality is now seemingly closer than ever. The internet has been ablaze with discussion on the p[...]

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How virtual meetings and business travel coexist

Business travel Opportunities

Relationship is everything for businesses. But the onset of remote working is changing the way we connect. The ability to work remotely is one of the biggest paradigm shifts in recent years - at least[...]

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Subscriptions in travel: Winning over loyalty?

Travel experience

What’s your favorite streaming service for watching the shows you love? The availability to access our preferred service when and where we want is one of the greatest feelings of comfort. We can all r[...]

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Travel managers vs Treasury: Top 11 tips to find the best T&E solution

Business travel Strategy

Decision making around Travel & Expense (T&E) payments is becoming more complex. The modern expensing process itself is more multi-disciplinary and increasingly digital – that is to say, decen[...]

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What is e-invoicing and why is it important?

Procurement Regulation

Time and again, new examples of digitalization have appeared in the world of corporate payments. Whether it be the type of corporate card used or otherwise, these developments, often powered by struct[...]

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Embedded payments: Already integrated in the travel world?

Travel Trade Technology

When traveling, we come across various parties on our journey. We don’t mean the festive kind, but that of companies that offer us services before we have even booked our trip. Consider the pop-ups yo[...]

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Bots on board: How tech and data science travel with and ahead of us

Travel management Travel experience Technology

Travel disruptions. In the past months, we’ve all unfortunately experienced them in one way or another. This includes the customer service representatives that have received an enormous number of mess[...]

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The ultimate guide to mobile payment

Procurement Innovation

Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and smart watches – devices carried by billions of people worldwide – are making their way into all factors of life. Whether making purchases, getting directio[...]

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Carbon offsetting: The answer to sustainable travel?

Business travel Sustainability

Can travel be sustainable? For businesses, travel enables some great opportunities for connection and growth. However, they also have lofty environmental goals to fulfil. For private travelers, travel[...]

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Digital identity: A new digital economy passport or another alter ego?

Travel experience Regulation Technology

When traveling through airports, we need to show our passport for inspection before being granted entry into our destination country. Easy does it! Or can it get any easier?

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Understanding the impact of real-time payment

Procurement Innovation

It seems that real-time payment is all the rage right now. And yet, it wasn’t that long ago that all payments were instant. Cash, by its very nature is instant – real-time, even. As innovation, techno[...]

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