The BIG Rethink: Let’s shape the future of our industry

Payment Solutions Business travel virtual cards mobile payments corporate payments

Calling all partners and customers – are you ready to seize an incredible opportunity with us?

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The future of corporate payments: It’s time for a ‘BIG Rethink’

Business travel Mobile Payments virtual cards corporate payments

Mobile wallets, virtual cards and more – corporate payment is changing fast. With ‘The BIG Rethink’, we aim to share ideas on the future of our industry.

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What makes the perfect corporate travel policy?

Corporate Card AirPlus Business travel

In these confusing times of travel you need a corporate travel policy that works for you. In this article we’ll look at what makes the perfect policy.

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How the metaverse is transforming the travel industry

Insider Data

The metaverse is a hot topic in tech and is transforming the travel industry as we know it. Let’s look at the metaverse, digital twins, and VR in more detail.

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The 5 top payment trends in 2022

B2B Payments

In this article we’ll be looking at the 5 top payment trends that are dominating the UK in 2022. Learn more about what you can expect here. The digital payment market is evolving and developing at a r[...]

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The virtual answer to the B2B payment question

Virtual Card B2B Payment Solutions B2B Payments

The pandemic is digitalising procurement. So digitalise your payment process too.

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Virtual cards: A winning tool for modern procurement

Virtual Card Procurement B2B Payments

Why traditional B2B payments don’t cut it anymore Procurement is increasingly digital. More and more often, virtual payment methods are better equipped than traditional ones like bank transfer and dir[...]

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Virtual payment and digital advertising in action

Virtual Card B2B Payment Solutions B2B Payments

In our previous article, we saw how virtual payment can be an ideal solution for optimising the process of buying advertising for digital media. Let’s now take a real-life scenario of virtual cards in[...]

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Optimising digital advertising with virtual payment

Virtual Card Payment Solutions B2B Payments

How to capitalise on the data-driven clarity of virtual payment

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