All-round protection with AirPlus Corporate Cards

Safeguard your business travelers – 24/7 around the world

What is comprehensive insurance coverage? It means making sure your company’s business trips run smoothly. And it includes assistance services so that your travelers are always in good hands.

There are two ways to cover your traveling employees:

  1. By taking advantage of insurance benefits included with our corporate cards
  2. By insuring their risks individually

Using our corporate cards gives your employees the best possible travel coverage and fulfills your due diligence requirements all in one go.

On the other hand, individual insurance services often mean hassle:

  • More work
    • Time-consuming selection process comparing features and benefits
  • Higher costs
    • Individual solution tend to be much more expensive
    • Employee resources are tied up with HR or travel managers
  • Complex admin
    • Travelers have to pay in advance and submit detailed reports with receipts

Insurance policies connected to your AirPlus Corporate Cards offer your employees comprehensive protection at all times, whether traveling at home or abroad, including transport and travel accident insurance.


Supervisors and travel managers no longer have to spring into action before every business trip! As soon as travel services are paid for with AirPlus Corporate Cards, your travelers benefit from generous insurances.

AirPlus Corporate Cards simplify business trips – before and after – and guarantee optimal coverage around the world.

Coverage includes the following benefits* and more:

  • Coverage for accidents on business trips (transport and travel accident insurance).
  • Accident-related additional benefits, such as:
    • Return transport and repatriation costs
    • Medical costs during stays abroad
    • Rescue costs
  • Compensation for delayed or missed connections
  • Compensation for delayed or damaged luggage

It’s also possible to add further features to your coverage, such as travel health insurance – often a good idea considering the potentially high costs of illness abroad. An appendicitis in the US, for instance, can lead to hospital bills of more than $10,000 a day.

Other risks are more easily overlooked. Be sure to check whether your insurance covers other common concerns, such as external employees of your company (e.g. interns, temporary employees, service providers). Comprehensive coverage insures your employees and representatives of your company in the best possible way.

AirPlus Corporate Cards’ medical travel assistance and concierge services are also comprehensive, available to you 24/7 year-round at a toll-free number from anywhere in the world.


Passenger safety = your due diligence

Due diligence states that companies are responsible for protecting their employees. From the legal perspective, you are the guarantor of your business travelers’ safety.

Keep in mind that protecting your employees amounts to protecting your company. Business travel insurance is the most effective way for you to fulfill your due diligence: even if plans runs smoothly, you and your employees benefit from peace of mind. They’ll thank you by concentrating fully on the tasks at hand.


The insurance benefits included with AirPlus Corporate Cards are a guarantee for both companies and their employees, and have the extra advantage of saving time and reducing stress:

  • Your employees have nothing to worry about
  • No one has to file expense reports

Your company and employees are covered everywhere they go for the entirety of their trips.

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*The content of this blog article is that of AirPlus and for educational purposes only. Only the insurer’s terms and conditions are authoritative for the scope of coverage.

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